As you can probably guess at this point,

I'm Richard Lin

But, who am I?

I'm a UX Designer that is a graduate of Fine Art. Art has taught me to think about exploring the boundries of a medium, as well as thinking critically about how work will be contextualized. I am a huge team player that will do what is needed in order for us to succeed.

Technology & I

I grew up surrounded by computers-- I remember my days in kindergarten with a Windows 95 and dial up! Naturally, I became somewhat of a computer enthusiast and my hobbies include building computers and keyboards. I also have a dabble of experience in coding and computer networking. Just to clarify, my URL is indeed Richard Lin UX and not Richard Linux.

So what does that mean?

Combining both my art and computer knowledge, I turned to UX design, hoping I could make better use of my ability to brainstorm multiple, outside the box ways to approach a product. I am excited at the possibilities of emerging tech, and love to see my imagined solutions become concrete products that assist people with their lives.

My hobbies

I love trying new foods! My dream is to travel the world and experience what life has to offer. My other hobbies, as mentioned before, are building keyboards and PCs. And like most people my age, I do enjoy my share of videogames as well. In League of Legends, you can find me running it down in ARAM tanking my KDA for the team.